Camping Fees

Our camping model for Troop 226 is changing to provide a path to more self-reliance, leadership and opportunity to grow self-confidence for our scouts. Going forward, we will employ a “backpacking” model rather than the very heavy-weight, group task effort we have used previously. As such, the fees associated with the next camping trip will change and will depend on each scout’s path. Your scout may either rent supplies, purchase ones we will acquire, or use their own if you prefer to purchase higher quality equipment.

Please Note: When referencing “backpacks” on this page, we are referring to 50-72L backpacks made specifically for hiking/backpacking, not the backpacks a scouts would use for school, day use, etc. In other words, a scout’s backpack must be able to hold everything they will need for the trip including their sleeping bag, stove, tent, food, water, etc.

  • Camp and Boat Rental Fee (Required for All Scouts)
  • Backpack (Required, Rental or Provide Your Own)
  • Backpacking Stove (Required, Scout May Purchase One to Keep for $25 or Share a Rental)
  • Sleeping Bag (Required, May be Rented or Provide Your Own But MUST Fit in a Backpack)
  • Food (Patrols Are Responsible for Buying Their Own Food or May Buy MREs)

When Paying the Following Fees, Only Pay for What Applies to Your Scout.

Please Note: If you buy the backpacking stove for your scout, it comes as a kit with two small pots, a cup, utensils and the fuel.

Camp and Boat Rental Fees (Required) $55
Backpack (Rental) $17
Sleeping Bag (Rental) $17
Backpack Stove (Rental) $7
Backpack Stove (Purchase) $25

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