Shooting Activity

Our next shooting activity will be Sunday, January 12th at 9am (younger scouts qualifying) and 10am (older scouts that have already qualified) at Metcalf Sports Park. This will be for rifles only. Shotguns will be at a later date in January or February (TBD).

For this activity scouts will need to provide eye and hearing protection as well as ammunition. As a courtesy, the troop will purchase these items for you. Please pay for these items below. You may also provide your own, just remember buying ammunition requires a background check so you may not be able to pick it up the same day unless you have recently purchased a firearm.

Please Note: For the younger scouts who are qualifying, if they also want to shoot in the second round they must purchase BOTH sets of ammunition. For those scouts that have already qualified they should only purchase the second (other) ammunition.

If you want to wait to purchase the shotgun ammunition until we have a date that is fine but if you purchase it now we will keep track of your purchase.

Safety Glasses $8.00
Hearing Protection $1.00
Ammunition (22) $8.00
Ammunition (Other) $16.00
Ammunition (Shotgun) $12.00

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