New Scout Parent Information

Thinking about joining our troop? Typically, we recruit 6th through 12th grade boys during Back-to-School in August/September. However, a boy can usually join at any time during the year.

A boy graduating from 5th grade or older may join. A boy does not have to have been in Cub Scouts, though if he was there will be many things familiar to him. Boy Scouts is more outdoor and adventure oriented, though learning advanced skills, character development, service to God, Family and Country are equally stressed.

Detailed Information
Typically, boys in Cub Scouts bridge to Boy Scouts in the spring of their final year. Each fall we also have our recruitment drive. Regardless of when or how your boy joins our troop, we hold a parent information meeting where parents can learn all about scouting, BSA and our troop. In this meeting we answer pretty much any question(s) you might have, including information about our troop structure, time commitments, fees, uniforms and just what is scouting. However, a boy may join at any time.

Other Information
We also want parents to know that we are a Christian faith-based troop so we pray at every meeting/activity, we discuss God and Jesus often and typically work toward religious achievements and do various forms of community service. To sign up for our troop we require parents to sign a statement of agreement reflecting Christian values.

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